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Chicken Biryani Recipe in Urdu
   Posted By:Kokab,
Chicken Biryani
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Chicken Biryani is generally the most widely consumed recipes due to its scrumptious spicy taste. This Urdu Homemade Biryani recipe will definitely help to cook such a scrumptious recipe.
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Chicken Biryani Recipe in Roman Urdu / Hindi

Chicken 1.25 kg
Chawal 1kg
Adrak Lehsan (pisa hoa) 2 khanay k chamach
Namak Hasb e Zaiqa
Piyaz (bareek kati hoi) 3adad darmiyani
Timatar (bareek katay hoye) 6 adad darmiyany
Dahi (phainta hoa) 1 piyali
Safaid Zeera 1 chaye ka chamcha
Haldi (pisi hoi) 1 chaye ka chamcha
Laal mirch (pisi hoi) 2 khanay k chamchay
Dhaniya (pisa hoa) 1 khanay ka chamach
Garm Masala (pisa hoa) 1 khanay ka chamcha
Hari Mirchain (bareek kati hoi) 6-8 adad
Hara Dhaniya (bareek kata hoa) Adhi Gathi
Podeena (bareek kata hoa) adhi gathi
Sabit Garam Masala 2 khanay k chamch
Zarday ka rung 1 chutki
Dood 1 piyali
Kaiwra Essnes Chand qatry
Cooking Oil 1 piyali

Degchi mian cooking oil ko darmiyani aanch per teen sy panch minute garam kar k Sabit garam masala daal dain. Jab karkaranay lagy to piyaz daal kar sunehra fry kar lain.

Adrak lehsan, haldi aur zeera daal kar do sy teen minute tk chammach chalaain aur phir timatr shamil kar k itni dair pakain k timatr gal jaain.

Jab timatar achi tarha gal jaain aur ek paste ki shakal main ajaaian to chicken , namak, laal mirch , pisa hoa dhaniya, pisa hoa garam masla, hari mirchain, hara dhaniya aur podena daal dain, phr daahi daal kar achi tarha milaain aur darmiyani anch per baraa sy pandra minute tak pakain.

Chawalon ko thoray sy sabit gram masalay k sath ek kanni (mukamal ubalny sy teen chaar minute pehly) ubal kar chhalni sy paani chhaan lain.

Baray size ki degchi main chicken ko phela kar rakhain aur is k ooper chawalon ki teh laga dain.
Doodh main zarday ka rung aur kewrah essences mila kar chawalon per chhirak dain.

Degchi ko dhak kar pandra sy minute k lyye garam taway per rakh kar halki anch pr (dum per) pakain.
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 Reviews & Comments (32)
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rubeena - lahore Feb 02, 2014
chicken biryani is the only one recipe which is loved by all ages.
Md khalid - jharkhand Jan 16, 2014
very nice my febret chicken biryani
ahraz mirza - sialkot Aug 27, 2013
I like it sindhe baryane
asma - karachi Aug 15, 2013
hmm chicken biryani is one of the most loving of my family but the prices of chicken now a days is very high.
abida - islamabad Jul 27, 2013
sindhi bryani ki rescipee bilkul bhi thik nh likhi hui...asy ksy bny gi bryani
sumbal - karachi Jul 12, 2013
this is amazing im also sindhi nd sindhi biryani woooooooooOOOOw
lubna - karachi Jul 06, 2013
wow this urdu recipe of chicken biryani is very much helpfull to me thanks you for such a nice recipe.
anila - karachi Jul 03, 2013
beef biryani and chicken biryani both are my favorite and the chinese rice with chutni are too good however your each recipes taste are yummy.
fariffarooq - karachi Jun 30, 2013
dhai baray only zakir
dani - queta Jun 25, 2013
wese to Chicken Biryani kahny main bohad mazydar ha. but it is very diffcult to make this recipe due to its large number of ingredients.

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Najma Ajmal - Lahore Apr 17, 2014
Its very sweet, i like it and soon i will make it for my family  View All
Shokat naeem - Karachi Apr 17, 2014
You make my day, thanks for the easy and tasty recipe  View All
Muntaha Sheikh - Abu Dhabi Apr 17, 2014
Very easy to make at home and very happy that i get best site for recipes and ti  View All
Adnan saeed Apr 16, 2014
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Adnan saeed Apr 16, 2014
I want birthday party 20 persons please gave me rates and discounts email me  View All
sadaf Apr 16, 2014
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bisma - faisalabad Apr 16, 2014
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Zeenat Sultana - Dubai UAE Apr 16, 2014
Dear Chef Aneela Rizwan ur Sooji ka Badami Halwa is a very popular sweet dish al  View All
sumera - islamabad Apr 16, 2014
aoa amina api u and ur show both are awesome i need diet plan ..... wt 55kg ..  View All
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