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Pakistan's Restaurants and has several fantastic upscale restaurants that serve a huge variety of tasteful cuisines. Karachi, lahore & Islamabad Restaurants is very much popular around the Pakistan due to its scrumptious taste of inter-continental and Locals traditional foods with some exclusive Deals & Menu. You may also enjoy the huge variety buffet in a reasonable Price as per restaurant. has vast range of Karachi, lahore & Islamabad restaurant with their special dishes, special offers.
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Posted On Apr 20    By: Fareeha On Salt' n Pepper Village Restaurant Lahore
I have listened that that the restaurant salt n pepper is on M M Alam road but I have seen the restaurant with this name at maal road in Lahore. Are they both the branches of Salt pepper or that is some one else?
Posted On Apr 19    By: tabinda salah On Telefood Restaurant Karachi
Telefood Restaurant and home delivery to all Karachi Pakistani, Chinese, Continental, barbeque, fast food and snacks
Posted On Apr 19    By: ahsan On Ziafat Restaurant Lahore
just wanna know about the hi-tea price per person??? including tax
Posted On Apr 19    By: Ali On Gun Smoke
Of all the places i have been i rate Guns Smoke the worst primarily due to their ridiculous waiters who dont know how to talk to the customers and on top the management who feels invincible by humiliating customers as if they were dining at CHIPA or EDHI langar!!!!!
Posted On Apr 19    By: Fahad On Gun Smoke
I used to be a regular at this restaurant until recently when a sad and embarrassing incident occured....I was accompanied by a guest and I ordered the usual guests wasn't feeling well, didnt feel like eating much and ordered a pasta from the kids section..the waiter outrightly said in our face I CANT GIVE U THIS ITS NOT ALLOWED...I tried to reason with him politely and even called the manager that the reason my guest is ordering from the kids section is that she has a medical condition and doesn't feel like eating much....The manager remained adamant and said SORRY U CANT ORDER THIS SIR!!!!! I conveyed that i will be embarassed infront of my guest who i specially invited to your restaurant and if that's the case I will cancel my order, leave the restaurant and never come back....I thought like all civilized world thinks the manager should have said something to shape a win win situation instead they were like FINE!! JUST LEAVE..WE ARE NOT BOTHERED ABOUT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION....considering my frequent travelling around the world, this has been a really sad incident which I have never faced anywhere else...this is clearly against the ethics of running a food chain and serves to be only cheap ways of making people order more than they want...what harm would it cause to order a kids meal???? This policy needs to change!!!!!!!!! I'm never going there thats for sure and a lot of other people whom I'll convey this incident will also never step a foot inside that place...!
Posted On Apr 19    By: Unknown On Monal Restaurants Islamabad
The worst resturant ever i spent 154,500 rps there i found a cockroach in my food
Posted On Apr 19    By: Farhan Ali On Pizza Yumms Restaurant Karachi
Not good for dine in but excellent pizza for delivery and take away. you will not find this taste with this price any where
Posted On Apr 19    By: malik faisal On Savor Foods Restaurant Rawalpindi
Sooo tasty
Posted On Apr 19    By: sa On Gun Smoke
i had an extremely bad experience today with gun smoke. i ordered home fries from the kids menu and the waiter rudelt responded "sorry kids meal sird under 12 ke liay hai". i was like im ordering a full course meal along..theae are just fries. again the waiter responded "sorry as pwr our policy we cannot give you the fries". i called the waiter to clarify, the manager too repeated the same. and we walked out. can uou imagine, there were no amends no appologies no nothing! dont we all have the right to choose whatever we want off the menu anywhere? (as long as it is available?) dont restaurants/ fast food chains/ eat outs offer proper appologies, make amends incase they cant respond well to what the customer wants? pathetic service and very rude staff! i will never ever step in there again!
Posted On Apr 18    By: Komal On Pizza 360 Restaurant Karachi
Pizza 360 is a good place for pizza.. they provide fresh food and tasty atmosphere

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The New York Pizza Karachi
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Gloria Jeans Coffees Lahore
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