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Kachri powder Meaning in Urdu
Meaning in English

Kachri is a wild variety of cucumbers. Fresh kachri resembles a brown yellow small melon, which grows wildly in the desert areas and is seldom cultivated as a crop. Dried kachri powder, when used in cooking, adds a tangy taste. Since fresh kachri is rarely available outside Rajasthan, the use of kachri powder is popular. It is the real earth food … growing wild, and becoming a protein rich vegetable for people living in the harsh arid areas of Western India, where it is hard to grow conventional vegetables. Kachri powder is used extensively in Rajasthani cuisine.

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Reviews & Discussions
Najma Ajmal - Lahore Apr 17, 2014
Its very sweet, i like it and soon i will make it for my family

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Shokat naeem - Karachi Apr 17, 2014
You make my day, thanks for the easy and tasty recipe

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Muntaha Sheikh - Abu Dhabi Apr 17, 2014
Very easy to make at home and very happy that i get best site for recipes and ti

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