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Chinese recipes in urdu would still be recognized as one of the inventive cuisines of the world. Chinese food recipes in Urdu specially selected from a variety of sources. Chinese rice recipes in urdu are very light and so delicious that are considered.
اسٹو گارلک چکن
اسٹو گارلک چکن
( stew garlic chicken)
چینی پلاؤ
چینی پلاؤ
( Chini pulao)
( lofates)
اسپائسی میکرونی چاٹ
اسپائسی میکرونی چاٹ
( ispahagetti macroni chaat)
چائنیز چکن ویجی ٹیبل چوپ سوئے
چائنیز چکن ویجی ٹیبل چوپ سوئے
( chinese chicken vegitable coop soye)
آلو اور پالک کی گنوچی
آلو اور پالک کی گنوچی
( aloo or palak ki kalongi)
چائنیز روسٹڈ چکن
چائنیز روسٹڈ چکن
( chinese roasted chicken)
چینی چرغہ
چینی چرغہ
( chini charga)
جاپانی رولڈ آملیٹ
جاپانی رولڈ آملیٹ
( japani roast amlet)
جاپانی بیف تمپورا
جاپانی بیف تمپورا
( japani beef tumbora)
جاپانی ادرکی چکن جھینگوں کے ساتھ
جاپانی ادرکی چکن جھینگوں کے ساتھ
( japani adraki chicken jhingo ke sath)
لاء چنگیزی
لاء چنگیزی
( la changezi)
رائس اینڈ نوڈلز مصالحہ
رائس اینڈ نوڈلز مصالحہ
( rice and nodles masala)
چائنیز رائس
چائنیز رائس
( Chinese Rice)
ویجیٹیبل چاؤمن
ویجیٹیبل چاؤمن
( vegitable chao mein)
چکن کا ر ن سوپ
چکن کا ر ن سوپ
( chicken corn soap)
چکن فرائیڈ رائس
چکن فرائیڈ رائس
( Chicken Fried Rice)
چائنیز سموسے
چائنیز سموسے
( Chinese Samosa)
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  Chinese Recipes Reviews
Chinese Rice - چائنیز رائس
MUHAMMAD ARSHAD - Karachi Apr 18, 2014
this above recipe is wrong in chinese rice never use peas . this style is so wrong arshad
chinese rice - چائنیز رائس
Mehwish - GUJRANWALA Feb 08, 2014
Delicious Khaosa - ڈیلیشیس کھاوسہ
hina - islamabad Dec 06, 2013
thanks alot. this looks easy an i hope it will be. i have tried many of your recipe before. here is a confusion about it that is this a sweet dish or savor dish.
Delicious Khaosa - ڈیلیشیس کھاوسہ
Shan - Karachi Dec 06, 2013
its really new recipe for me but looks delicious and intercontinental recipe. I try to make it very soon.
Chinese Rice - چائنیز رائس
hasnain - islamabad Nov 29, 2013
usually among Chinese rice, Chinese fried rice is more popular as compare to other i always makes chinese fried rice and not make simple chinese rice.
Chinese Rice - چائنیز رائس
zania - karachi Nov 28, 2013
Chinese rice recipe is such a recipe that is specially made for patients i don't know why this is very much famous among all.
Chinese Rice - چائنیز رائس
umaima - karachi Nov 27, 2013
the day before yesterday when some so my friends go to chinese restaurant to eat chinese rice they suddenly told me that it is not the =best recipe.
Chinese Rice - چائنیز رائس
humma - lahore Nov 26, 2013
is this chinese rice is just as like as Singaporean rice i like to chinese foods this is best for the health.
Chicken Fried Rice - چکن فرائیڈ رائس
usama - jhelum Nov 21, 2013
it is very nice dish
Chinese Rice - چائنیز رائس
hamna - islamabad Nov 12, 2013
I love the Chinese food. specially this one was trully very much nice.
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Abdul Qayyum - Fort Abbas Apr 20, 2014
nice  View All
Shahida - Karachi Apr 19, 2014
That is a very simple and easy recipe and in my view even those who have just st  View All
Ansa - Karachi Apr 19, 2014
I think that it is a Peshawari tradional and conventional recipe. But we people   View All
tabinda salah Apr 19, 2014
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ahsan Apr 19, 2014
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Ali Apr 19, 2014
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nighat - karachi Apr 18, 2014
i felt really very bad to hear the news that chef sara riaz has passed away.. sh  View All
Suad jamal - Markham[canada] Apr 18, 2014
plz. send me her all recipes on my e mail address.  View All
Manzar Chishti - Mirpur Apr 18, 2014
AoA Appa myn ap se 2 chezon k mutalaq puchna chahta hun. No.1. hy k jab ham aml  View All
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